Raiders of Arcana

Raiders of Arcana

Battlezone Miniautres has just launched our first Kickstarter campaign - Raiders of Arcana. This will be a warband style game for between 30-60 figures and we will be supporting these rules with a complete set of new figures.

With Raiders of Arcana we want to offer a different concept to how the warbands are put together, instead of fielding warbands or armies of one race, warbands will be based around a culture and can include units from various fanasy races. In a single warband you may have Humans fighting alongside Elves, Dwarves & Orcs, with the warband culture dictating the style and level of weapons and armour available.

To see the figures we are producing please head on over to Kickstarter.

Armies of Arcana

Armies of Arcana 5th Edition