Armies of Arcana - Playing Strategy

Army Composition

The rule in army composition is 60/40 rule. Army lists must contain at least 60% regular troops and no more than 40% of combined characters, monsters, war machines and elite troops.


In each army there is a mix of troops they range from cheap troops with low combat skill, to high cost high skilled troops. The biggest influence on a cost of a trooper is whether or not the carry a missile weapon. The more effective the missile weapon is the higher the cost. Troops that can move and shoot (the natural ability) are even more expensive.

Troops also have a variety of movement methods, such as flying and swimming which can be useful in some games. Some units are best suited to defence and other shock attack.


These are specialist units that can either join a unit or play on their own, they fight other characters in preference to troops so their impact is all about how you utilise their skills. You need mages if you want to cast magic - The more mages you have, the more power you generate each turn to cast magic spells in the magic phase.


Monsters are costly but highly devastating units, Some monsters on the list will be impossible to use unless in a large army as the points costs is prohibitive. A word of caution on monsters, a well targeted barrage of arrow fire can cause a rapid demise of a huge monster, the David and Goliath effect is possible in this game.


Vehicles are interesting to use, the range from small chariots up to large howdah's on the back of giant monsters. They can provide fast shock attacks, cover fire or a solid platform to defend on.

War Machines

These are the siege engines and battlefield artillery that rarely move in the game but provide high impact, long range missile attacks. They range from catapults and ballistae to large cannons, some are enchanted by magic, others are modified farm equipment to cause havoc on the enemy.