Armies of Arcana - The Game


Hogman Shamen


Armies of Arcana is designed to be scale neutral. This means that the rules could be used with very small figures for huge battles on a small playing surface to small skirmish battles with 48mm figures. However, the most common scales among players is either 15mm or 28mm miniatures.

Players are free to use miniatures from any manufacturer for their armies and can even create rules for their favourite miniatures, if rules do not currently exist. Terrain Warehouse UK makes an ever-expanding range of miniatures for Armies of Arcana.

There are many official army lists in the rulebook and on this web site, that provide rules for most miniature ranges available today. As manufacturers release new miniature lines that could be used in the game, we will look to add an army list entry for them.

The only important factor is that the figures all form part of the same race and fight with the same racial tendencies.

Raptor Cavalry

Base units and rebasing

Some players may have existing armies that are not currently based according to these rules. For instance, in your existing armies similar sized infantry models may be based on a mix of 20mm and 25mm bases.

The quickest solution is to play the game and when a melee occurs, just pair up differently based models against each other so that no one gets an advantage. Smaller based units will still be more manoeuvrable.

A more satisfactory solution is to rebase your armies and will give the opportunity to redecorate the base.

You can use correctly sized movement trays for units or ‘conversion trays or bases’ that convert 20mm to 25mm without the need to rebase, the tray presents the correct frontage and model spacing.

If your opponent agrees, you can simply treat all models on 20mm bases as being base ½ models instead of base 1 - it will be up to you to decide whether this is an advantage or not!

TW conversion trays
Terrain Warehouse Conversion Trays