Armies of Arcana - The Game

Getting Started

A Typical Battlefield

You will need two armies, which will be built to taste by you and your opponent. We recommend having at least 50 figures each for small games, and up to several hundred for larger games.

A flat playing surface, at least 3’ x 3’ or preferably 4’ X 4’ or larger to be the battlefield.

Terrain - This can be anything you desire; a ruined city, a farm land, a small village, desolate wildlands, etc. Many fine terrain vendors are out there and many websites are dedicated to helping players build their own terrain. If you are just starting, blocks of wood or books for hills, drink cans for towers, and paper outlines of forest will do.

A measuring device, preferably a measuring tape, of 3’ or more in length.In Armies of Arcana both players are allowed to measure distances freely at any time. This includes measuring to see if their troops are in range to charge or shoot their opponent’s troops.

6-sided dice - You will want a lot of these, say 10 or more. A few extra dice of separate colours will be useful for keeping track of magic power and wounds if you don't want to use the templates available in the book and this website.

You can place terrain on the battle field to enhance play, you can agree a terrain layout, use the terrain generators in the book or use terrain relating to a scenario. You can pruchase terrain and game boards from many suppliers.