The Western Kingdoms of Tarren

In the Beginning

The earliest histories recorded by the dwarves, Halflings and Centaur describe the land of Tarren before the arrival of the Elves. The vast continent was covered with hundreds of petty kingdoms, tribes and independent settlements. Humans, Dwarves, Halflings, Centaurs, Ogres, Trolls, Minotaurs, Goblins and a host of other lesser races fought to survive in the primordial forests, mountains, and plains of Tarren. Only a handful of large settlements are named in this period, the human city of Baddin, the Dwarf city of Tallen (known as Tarn in the Halfling sagas) and halfling city of El-shere appear to have been the largest. It is unclear where these places were though there are several ruined cities that make likely candidates. Most of the people of this period fought with bronze weapons, though there is evidence that some dwarf kingdoms knew the secret of forging iron. The ability to tame monsters was unknown and only the Halflings had any ability to wield magic. There stories of the kings and battles fought during this period have mostly been forgotten, even in the anals of their descendents.

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