Armies of Arcana - Links

The following collection of links should be useful for both new and experienced Armies of Arcana players. If you think there are any we should add, please contact us.

Figure Manufacturers

  • Black Hat - Have a wide range of 15mm and 28mm figures, including the Gladiator Games range and some 28mm Centuars.
  • Crusader Miniatures - Supply a good range of 28mm figures, covering many of the Human Kingdoms armies.
  • Fighting 15's - UK based stockists of the Eureka Miniatures and Shadowforge ranges. They also stock the Armies of Arcana rulebook.
  • Gateshead Gaming - Deal in secondhand figures and stock the Armies of Arcana rulebook
  • Lone Gunman Games - Now produce Thane's original 15mm Armies of Arcana range and US stockist of the rulebook.
  • Miracle - German stockist of the new Armies of Arcana rulebook.
  • Musketeer Miniatures - A good range of 28mm figures suitable for a Caliphate army.
  • Old Glory - A good affordable way to build up 25mm armies many of the Human Kingdoms in Armies of Arcana. Excellent Graccan (Greek), Empire of Marr (Roman) and Empire of the Sum (Samurai) in particular.
  • Reaper Miniatures - Reaper have a huge range of figures, a good source of monsters for AoA.
  • Warlord Games - Good range of 28mm Marrian (Roman) figures. The plastic legionaries make a cost effective way to build up a core army.
  • West Wind - The Dwarf Wars ranges contain some excellent Dwarf and Orc models, and the Dwarven War Mammoth is a very impressive figure.

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