Armies of Arcana - The Rulebook

The Rulebook

Armies of Arcana Rulebook

The 5th edition rule book is the latest version. It is a 132 page, full colour book with colour-coded sections for fast, easy reference during game play. It contains all the rules you need to play the game, a selection of the most popular army lists with more downloadable from this site, spell lists, and all required templates for spells and markers.

The rules are explained in detail with ample diagrams, photographs and examples for clarity.

The rulebook is to be used in conjunction with this website so you remain up to date with developments. Players are free to download trial rules and play an important role in the rule development process by providing feedback through this website and forum. The game is built "by gamers for gamers" so the play testing and feedback is essential to keep the game fresh, realistic and, most importantly, fun! You can share ideas on the forum with other players.

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Samples of diagrams and photos from the book are shown below.
Photo showing melee combat Diagram showing melee combat